Next Wave Solo Drumming Contest

The Next Wave Solo Drumming Contest presented by Gallant Entertainment, Inc. and BKSTEPPERS Marching Arts is for drummers of all ages, instrumentation, and styles- show us what you got! Submit a Youtube video link of you playing any type of music on any type of drum for a chance to win gear, swag, instruments and a featured performance at the Next Wave Drum Line Clinic in New York City.

Contest Entry Dates March 13, 2017 – April 28, 2017
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Rules and Regulations
  • Create a video that is a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 3 minutes performing any type of music on of any type of drum or non-melodic percussion instrument: marching snare, marching tenors, bass drums, drum pads, drum sets, hand drums, buckets, boxes, and pots are all good. Absolutely NO live or acoustic keyboards, guitars, trumpets, etc.
  • Your video must be unedited, taken in one shot, with only one camera, one angle, and with ZERO production additives.
  •  Play completely solo or with any type of recorded music accompaniment.
  • Stick tricks, dance moves and fun are encouraged.
  • Winners are decided by musical and entertainment value.
  • This is a music contest, NOT a production contest! We don't care about the quality of your camera, microphones, or video editing abilities. We only want to see YOU DRUMMING!
Video Submission Suggestions
  • Registrants are required to supply a YouTube link (link submitted with registration form). No direct video upload options.
  • It is recommended that the video is set to “UNLISTED”.
  • The title of the video should be “NAME OF YOUR SOLO: GEI/Next Wave Solo Drumming Contest”
  • In the video description, there should be 1.) Your Full Name; 2.) Description of the solo