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Research has shown that arts education correlates with improved learning and achievement for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By engaging with music and dance enrichment, young people are generally more likely to graduate from high school, attend college, and avoid gang involvement and substance abuse. However, over the past decade, budget challenges and shifting educational priorities have removed all but the minimum obligatory arts programming from poorer public schools in New York City. Compounded by the recent COVID-19 crisis, access to affordable and culturally relevant arts programming has become even more challenging for low-income, minority communities in Brooklyn where arts education programs were already few and far between.
The BKSteppers have become a cultural staple in the arts community for having performed for elected officials, professional recording artists, and increasingly-frequent appearances in television and other media. As the premier marching arts organization in New York City, the BKSteppers is dedicated to bringing quality music education experiences to young people living in the historically underserved communities of New York City and teaching them the value of personal excellence through the marching arts.

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